Wisdom.  Sounds pretty lofty.  It’s a word that doesn’t get a lot of currency in this world, does it?  Why is that?  

Wisdom certainly doesn’t need to be ‘ancient’ to be real, or valuable.  In fact, the reality of wisdom, like that of some other seldom used words—love, truth, soul—can exist only in the present moment.  And who’s living there?  ‘Ancient wisdom’ then, is actually a complete oxymoron, isn’t it?  Why would someone use ‘ancient wisdom’ as an identification, as the name of a source of knowledge, as something desirable in life? To be relied upon for guidance?

Words cannot be truth.  They can only point to truth.  The moment they’re uttered, they become the past.  Never the present.  But if we’re truly giving our attention to words like love, truth, soul—or wisdom—they have the power to stop us cold.  To shut down the endlessly jabbering mind.  Not that they will shut down the mind.  But they do have that potential.  Because mind has no clue what they truly are.  Mind cannot know truth, love, wisdom, soul—or even true power.  Because it has none of these things.  If it did, our lives would be very different, wouldn’t they?

We may want these things—sometimes very badly—but they are not ours.  For a very, very long time, they are only something to be yearned for.  And only at those rare moments when mind is still, and gives us that room do we catch a fleeting glimpse.  In less than a micro-second, though, it’s gone, and we’re back in the dual worlds.  But those words do point to something, don’t they?  And when attention is given to that something, life can start to get juicy.

And without even giving it any thought at all, that’s why I chose the descriptor ‘Ancient Wisdom’ for this endeavor.  It’s merely a place where I’m choosing to share glimpses of my own journey in placing my attention on elusive realities we’ve all been seeking—consciously or unconsciously—for a length of time inconceivable to mind.

At the cost of being redundant, as a portion of Oriental viewpoint, Oriental medicine was birthed of the pursuit of pure consciousness, and due to that association and focus, contains the seeds of wisdom, waiting to be understood and expressed in each living now.  The medicine wasn’t what was being pursued.  It was merely a happy byproduct of the pursuit.  The pursuit is still what matters.  It’s what wants our attention.  But our lives are too noisy to hear that voice.  Attention is a powerful, powerful commodity, and everything in this world is clamoring for it.  And we give it.  Or we don’t.

So, the two elements just described are what receive much of my attention, and that’s primarily what gets expressed on these pages.  They’re strictly my own, and yet, each reader, every soul, is headed for the same destination, in their own perfect way, via their own perfect experiences—at their own perfect time.  Each of us will be required to take the same steps—but we’ll take them in our own unique way.  The journey, like the destination, truly is inconceivable—for a very, very long time.  Beyond the end of time, in fact.





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