The Other Birdbath

Last year, Sue was inspired to liven up the wildlife social scene, and this is what we came up with.  We and the birds thoroughly enjoyed the results. This year, however, it’s paying big dividends. The variety of birds now visiting has increased by at least 30%. And the regulars are having infinitely more fun.

The hummingbirds love this feature, and, of course, regard it as their own, both as a family of birds, and as individuals.  They bathe and parry with exuberance at dawn, a great way to start the day, but an unpropitious time for photography.  I sense they are equally as enchanted by the delightful sound as by the playful motion of the water.  I know I am.  It changes with the level of water in the tank below, and I can hear it from where I sleep.  It’s become a soothing companion, its laughing song welcoming me back from the night’s travels.

Winter is fun, too, as the heated water winds down through towering walls of snow piled on the stone. Towering, at least, for a pygmy nuthatch.  It’s less crowded then, and of course, the hummers are gone, so the year ’rounders have it all to themselves.

For bored computer jockeys or those who simply enjoy watching our feathered friends, here’s a video medley of visits one summer afternoon.





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