Spirit is a curious thing.  There are those who have no interest in spirit whatsoever.  And others who search for it as if their lives depend on it.  And everything in between.

Just try to find a universal definition of spirit.  There are as many definitions of spirit as there are souls in the creation.  That’s no surprise, and is as it should be.  No two souls are at the same level on the journey home.  As my Master reminds us, “The perfect path is the one we’re ready for.”  Meaning, relatively, it’s either the one we’re on, or it’s the one we’re drawn to when we’ve exhausted the one we’re on.  The system is stunningly flawless, although it doesn’t often appear that way to those experiencing it.  Is there a perfect path, in absolute terms?  Of course there is.  Would you expect less from the Supreme Deity?  But we’re living in a relative world, aren’t we? 

Spirit, in America today, is in a confusing position.  Not that there’s anything confused about spirit.  But turmoil might be an apt description for the transition it’s experiencing in the minds of Americans at this particular moment.  Religions, the institutions traditionally declaring themselves the bearers of spirit, are being scrutinized like never before.  There is chaos among thousands of feuding denominations.  Revelations of motives and behavior unbecoming to the ‘spirit’ of Spirit are commonplace.  Followers of religions are drifting away.  Young Americans are testing the waters of a vast range of replacements for what never did, or no longer provides what they seek for meaning, clarity, inspiration, or fulfillment.

Globally, there are ongoing, overt wars being waged between major religions.  And more promised to come.  Which may or may not engulf the Western hemisphere.  Again, nothing new, but momentarily intensifying.


Contrary to casual observation, all this is a good thing.  This is a required stage in any major shift preceding the appearance of what will replace the old, the no longer sufficiently satisfying, or that which is increasingly perceived as false.  It’s a welcome trend, and a universal sigh of approval will be felt when the new manifests—which is not new at all.  It’s simply a growing level of Spirit not widely recognized, because the number of sincere souls is always minute.

There is a simultaneous influx into the world of old souls who have been waiting for such an opportunity for a very long time.  From the vast perspective of ages this world passes through, this is not an especially propitious time to be coming into a physical body.  These souls are gambling high risk stakes on the promise of an infusion of divine current the West has never seen.

From the perspective of souls seeking their final attainment of pure, undivided consciousness, the summum bonum of spirituality, the time is very propitious.

Please let me clarify that I’m not suggesting that the entire world is going to embrace—or even be aware of—this incoming current.  Quite the opposite.  But the world will experience effects of its presence.  And for those souls truly readied for this level of unfoldment, it’s already a happy day. 

This snapshot of a moment in early twenty-first century life is also a reflection of our individual inner conflict and turmoil, and perfectly segues into the determined search for that which we know must exist.  That knowingness may brighten or flicker, but it will remain—even in a completely dormant state—until we come, unexpectedly, face to face with our objective.

As has been promised since before the beginning of time, and repeated by Saints throughout history, “When the student is ready, the Master appears.”  And any soul who has experienced the fulfillment of this miraculous promise will happily confirm it’s then no longer a spiritual platitude.

I’ve probably said already more than I should.  It would be best to simply offer a contact for a current Living Master.  To say you’ll be better off in His hands, is a staggering understatement.  Even if we’re not remotely ready for such an endeavor, the simple contact with Him will send us precisely where we need to go next.

Such is the nature of true Spirit.




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