Solstice Revisited

The journey of life in close proximity to a Living Master expresses itself in a ceaseless procession of unimaginable new vistas as we move through the illusion of time.

At one time I wrote on these pages about the phenomenon of a circular image of time as viewed through the dual construct of yin and yang, and their ebb and flow throughout the annual cycle.  That model serves a level of consciousness.  Glancing back at that rung of the ladder, I find myself viewing from an altered perspective.

The devotee of the Sound Current is necessarily saddled with the task of negotiating this journey with one foot in the lower worlds and the other, increasingly pulled into this current’s irresistible upward vortex of what can only be described as Love.  The experience of this absorption is truly indescribable, yet so wondrous that one cannot avoid trying to do so. 

And so I find myself, eight years later, recognizing a far different experience of moving through this familiar repetition.  No doubt, you too, have recognized the extreme polar difference between the experience of an equinox, and that of a solstice.  The very word, “solstice”, is composed of Latin words meaning the ‘sun standing still’, a metaphor more poetically accurate than the quick and mechanical precision of “equinox”, referring to that split second moment when day and night are equal.

Recognition of the nature of these physical phenomena eventually begins to reflect, on the one foot, the upward spiral of hanging on for soul’s dear life to the Sound Current, with the other foot dragging the ground of earthly existence.  

To describe this cycle as a circle is firmly embedded in two dimensionality.  A steeply sided ellipse might be a better description, were we not increasingly experiencing higher dimensions.  Even to perceive an elliptical spiral upward remains poverty ridden, next to not just the cessation of thought, but the cessation of mind’s existence altogether—when the very weight of experience disappears, leaving.  Leaving what?  Just leaving.  Gone.

To descend back to the other foot then, the equinoxes come rushing in with increasingly relentless speed to smash the ‘world speed record’ as it screams past the illusion of balance.  Ironically, at that same moment a solstice has quietly and steadily begun its stealthy ascent (or descent), slowing as it goes, and culminating in a micro-second shift as well, but which is more likely experienced as nearly an entire season, rather than a single moment in a day.  The sun does, indeed, appear to stand still.

And so it is that devotees of the Master are given the grace of an extra propulsion of Shabda at the beginning of June to maximize the weightlessness of this ‘season’, this arc of the steeply sided spiral, swinging us into the next cycle upward—and inward—assuring the trajectory of consciousness continues its relentless ascent, even as the lower worlds begin their inevitable descent as the moment of solstice is almost unnoticeably passed. 

Familiarity with this cycle can be advantageous in keeping our attention on the intended trajectory of the right foot, as the ground may fall out from under the left as the ascension of solstice eases off.

This year is being a blinding mirror flash of this phenomenon.  At some point we find our feet dangling in space as our attention soars to the crest of the next ridge, absorbing as it goes, the eye to see from the next vantage point.





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