The grandest illusion of all.  How blessed we are to now receive this continually enlightening succession of moments, each of which so thoroughly shatters our most highly treasured, enthusiastically worshipped false identifications of the three minds.  

Only the Master, through the vehicle of ever present Shabda—unconditional Love and devotion—could so flawlessly orchestrate such non-stop, unavoidably undeniable revelations, leaving the fledgeling soul no alternative—no possible back door through which to escape this endless proof of falsity—than to shift its gaze upward and inward, and there learn to remain riveted in the eternal now, the only ‘place’ He, the Sound Current, the divine, and soul itself, all come into view.

Without the support of this unfathomably complex, yet nonexistent edifice (memory)—carefully, lovingly, painstakingly assembled using the convincing glue of time—the mind’s house of cards comes crashing down in utter silence, leaving nothing but the previously unnoticed, divinely rapturous melody of life-giving Sound.  Unblinking, singular Truth. 

Nothing less.





Most Recent Contemplation: Coming to Know the True Driver

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