Relentless Consistency…

Excerpt from an email going out to a prospective client…

A common experience in our culture is for people to suffer poor health because they put everything else ahead of their health. Work, family, and pleasures of the physical senses routinely take precedence over all else. One of the reasons for the Case Review is to determine where an individual’s priorities lie.

No medicine, no doctor, can outcreate a client’s disregard for their health. Each moment, throughout each day, day after day, year after year, we are making choices, and those choices determine, among other things, the level of health we experience. If our choices consistently support ill health, there is nothing anyone or anything can do to overcome the relentless consistency of those choices. They are the most potent medicine at our disposal. And, of course, they work both ways—for us, or against us.

All too often we don’t even recognize when such a choice is being made. Thus the value of ‘doctor’ as ‘teacher’—ancient wisdom for modern living.

And when we do recognize such a choice is before us, we’re often faced with an insidious ‘catch-22’: if we’ve never experienced radiant health as a result of our choices, how can we find the motivation to turn our backs on the stronger draw?

Ah, life in the lower worlds…





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2 thoughts on “Relentless Consistency…

  1. I love the snowflakes across the screen! For many of us, we never knew how far away we were from radiant health until we met a generous teacher like Larry who wanted to show us another viewpoint. After working with Larry for almost 2 years (I was really in a health ditch with 2 life threatening cancers and much more), I can see things coming around as indicated in blood tests, and how my body responds to the demands of the day. My life style, sleep patterns, food choices and so much more have been influenced by Larry and Sue’s kind guidance and instruction. To think I thought I was “healthy”?! Larry has definitely elevated my understanding of what healthy health is, and I look forward to graduating to the next phase of understanding and practice. So much to re/unlearn at this age of silvering hair! I could use a few pointers on the definition of radiant health so I can know what I am shooting for :). Thanks Larry and Sue…

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Annie.

    From my perspective, each step along the way is more important than the illusory ‘goal’ on the horizon. Good health, genuine happiness, Love, and Truth are objectives only experienced in the moment. All else is in constant flux.

    I know you’re receiving tutorship in that direction, which is far beyond anything I could offer. And I’m sure you’re enjoying that journey above all others! Radiance will reveal itself.

    May the Blessings Be.

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