Beyond Gluten: The Way It Is, Terra

If you were depressed by reading Wheatgrass for Twitter, for God’s sake, please don’t read this one. It will only take you deeper.

An inquisitive woman named Terra was not depressed. She, like others were in fact excited by the new information she discovered, and her interest was piqued to the degree of asking for deeper understanding via her comment. Where did all this disharmony, dysfunction, pain, and misunderstanding come from? How did we get here? What’s happening?!

So, assuming you truly want to know, Terra, the rest is for you. Anyone else so inclined would be well served by reading her brief comment in the Comments section of the original post.



Thanks so much for sharing your comments on Wheatgrass for Twitter, Terra. Many of your questions are things everyone should be asking, but few of us are. Your questions are the intelligent enquiry of someone who may not be up to speed on these issues, but who can clearly see that something is seriously amiss.

Before getting into your questions, however, may I make a fine, but important distinction regarding your request for “clones of brains” like mine? I appreciate the intent of what you’re saying, but I believe it’s important to be precise in the details of any matrix we set — because we’re likely to get exactly what we ask for (very likely). And if we haven’t quite asked for exactly what we want…

This world doesn’t need ‘clones’ of anything, especially ‘brains’. When most people use the word brain in this context, they’re talking about the mind. And I don’t think mind is what’s being appreciated here. What you’re appreciating is ‘viewpoint’ — not as in ‘opinion’, but as in overall perspective, where we view from. Viewpoint is one of the most elemental aspects of our true self. Mind is what keeps us from discovering our true self by stifling viewpoint. Viewpoint merely describes the level from which we’re viewing — and when that’s suppressed by the mind, the view is quite limited.

An aspect of our journey involves moving through a progression of information, to knowledge, then understanding, and finally, to wisdom. Viewpoint moves its residence through an infinite number of stations along this continuum. The journey, for a long time, is glacial in its progress, but eventually one’s viewpoint acquires enough elevation to be able to perceive truth. The journey is totally personal, and therefore, so is everyone’s viewpoint.

I hope that’s not thoroughly confusing. I hope you can see that viewpoint is a long, individual experience with not a lot of glamour. We come through with skinned knees, bloody noses, shit on our boots — only on our boots, if we’re lucky — but we’re oh so happy to come out the other side! Enlightened viewpoints are a tiny minority, always will be, and that’s as it should be.

If I were enlightened, I would not be giving my precious attention to this veil of tears, would I? But here we are, aren’t we?



Now for your insightful questions. As mentioned in the blog, the subject tackled in the wheatgrass post is truly beyond the scope of a blog. In reality, adequate attention would require several books (some of which may be coming…). So please know that coverage of your questions is incomplete, by necessity.

Let’s start with your easiest questions first, and save the ‘fun’ stuff for last.

Yes, a calorie is a measurement of energy, but the word ‘energy’ has a number of meanings, and the energy measured by calories is not the same energy described by ‘energetics’. Likewise, I am comparing quantity not to energy, but to quality.

Gluten is a protein component of wheat, as well as other grains, including barley and rye. ‘Scientific’ understanding of gluten sensitivity is in its infancy. Even detecting gluten sensitivity is at a very immature stage. Rare is the individual who grasps the phenomenon/experience. (There’s at least a book.)

But it’s not rocket science. What do we eat in this country? Name a meal where wheat is not a dominant ingredient. Pasta, bread, buns, prepared foods, restaurant food, fast food, bread, more bread, more pasta — and some pizza, please. And none of these uses the whole grain — they use the starchy, pasty, gluey stuff wherein lies gluten.

“Why is it popping up everywhere… or is that just marketing?” is very perceptive, but let’s start with where we are and work back to discover the true origins. Right now, let’s just say that a surprisingly large number of factors have been orchestrated to result in…

  • A ‘food’ supply which is not only not nourishing, but depletes health. Wait, that’s too modest — our food supply is killing us, literally.
  • An environment (and food chain) so polluted that no one, anywhere is unaffected, regardless of whether or not those effects are yet recognized.
  • Loss of ageless traditions, understanding, and lifestyles which once provided very real meaning to our lives and our health.
  • Contemporary lifestyles which have lost connection with issues of vital importance to human life and evolution — no one seems cognizant of the fact that humanity is currently in the process of devolution. And we’re comin’ down fast.
  • A medical system hellbent on sapping us of what little health we now have, and making us financial, emotional, and physical slaves to drugs. “Health care” is provided by perhaps 0.01% of licensed professionals. Maybe.
  • A powerful and deadly pharmaceutical industry which collectively puts to shame the worst drug cartel you can imagine.
  • A political ‘system’ which has literally been sold to the highest bidding corporations.
  • Media devoted to selling themselves, which they very successfully accomplish through the most odious use of psychology, misinformation, and distortion of the truth.


And the Result?

These consciously and deliberately created facts of modern life have converged to produce an easy-to-anticipate (and manipulate) ‘general populace’ which is…

  • Drugged (both recreationally and pharmaceutically),
  • Poisoned,
  • Malnourished,
  • Addicted to foods and drugs designed to inhibit health, awareness, and intelligence,
  • Completely divorced from the natural world where real food, appreciation of life, and good health used to be sourced,
  • Pinpointedly fascinated with the avoidance of pain and the attainment of ‘pleasure‘ — at any cost,
  • Glued to media which homogenize the experience of all individuals to the same pablum of meaningless garbage meant to gratify the coarsest of human senses, yet demean human intelligence and individuality. Think you’re an individual? Really?


Which Leads Us To…

So, the one liner for your questions, Terra?

Greed and ignorance. All of the above elements contributing to the collapse of health (among other things) in our culture are a simple, unsurprising, easily predictable manifestation of human greed and ignorance — in vivid Technicolor.

Will things get better? Yes and no. As usual, a few scraps of encouragement will be thrown our way in order to keep us a viable, ‘productive’ consumer body. But from the higher vantage point, no, nothing will really change. Both the perpetrators and the perpetrated upon are too entrenched in their chosen roles to recover even if they desired such an outcome.

Want to do something about it? Great. Go for it! But do so knowing that the odds are highly stacked against you. You will be fighting a system beyond mind’s imagination. And you may actually contribute to making a difference. But at some point, in some lifetime, you will reach the unavoidable conclusion that your energy and your precious attention are better served by being placed on where your viewpoint resides and how to get it higher. Once we’re looking in that direction, life will truly begin to change.


And, Terra, to briefly touch once more on the ‘clone’ thing, Annie has known me for decades, and I can assure you she knows the last thing this world needs are clones of Larry Horton!





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2 thoughts on “Beyond Gluten: The Way It Is, Terra

  1. Larry;

    Although perhaps misstated, the intent of the comment about “cloning you” was designed as a kind hearted compliment and a thanks for the effort you are making to help educate. Meaning if more people shared your perspective, there might be more awareness and respect for the human body we are given to steward. We are fortunate to be students of yours and I am trying to figure out how devote more time to learning about health, Oriental Medicine, etc for my own benefit, but also as a duty to the children I helped bring onto this earth plane. I learned years ago that food consumption was meant to be purposeful and serve the body, not ego’s insatiable lust for pleasure….but what a long road…It was not until a few years ago when you made me aware of my deficient state of health, and I found in your practices/study what I was looking for back in the 70s in graduate school. What you are saying resonates. At some point if we are fortunate, we get to a point where we work at maximizing or maintaining health because of the need to protect the temple…in other words, we are motivated because we find a greater reason live, a reason to sustain and create a continuum of health day to day so we have a vehicle in which to evolve spiritually. In turn, your work has helped to foster appreciation, gratitude and respect for the physical body that we can give to ourselves and then to others. Thank you for making the effort, thank you for teaching.

    1. Thank you for caring, Annie. Don’t think anything was misstated, just wanted to clarify some finer points of matrix and the precision of what we ask for. These principles are paramount to optimal health care, as well as everything else we create.

      I applaude your desire for deeper understanding of principles which work, and therefore truly make a difference in our lives. Isn’t that what we all want — even though many are looking in the wrong places? And yes, ‘long road’ is an understatement — it’s an endless road. But a goal with truth defines itself by making itself rewarding at every step of the journey, no matter how difficult!

      Much Love,

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