Banned Chinese Herb, Ephedra, Found Crucial in Chinese Coronavirus Recovery

One of Chinese herbal medicine’s most important substances, Ma Huang (Ephedra Sinica) has been banned from import into the United States since 2004, based on deaths due to abuse of the herb in short-sighted Western ‘energy’ and weightloss supplements.  Latest reports from China, where the herb has been the key component in herbal cold and flu formulas for millennia and is still in prominent use there, emphasize the necessity of the herb in facilitating relatively quick recoveries of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

The doctor cited in the report is actually a Chinese M.D., who taught herself traditional Chinese medicine, and was shocked to see how potent those formulas were in clearing the lungs of patients with the epidemic flu.  Lacking that ability without the use of these traditional Chinese formulas, has been a major obstacle in making it possible for weak, compromised patients to recover from coronavirus.  Formulas using both Ma Huang (Ephedra sinica) and Xi Xin (Asarum heteropoides, another banned substance) were used consistently throughout the trial of 30 patients, all of whom recovered—not just from the virus, but recovered their health.

U.S. government agencies need to re-evaluate if denying doctors of Oriental medicine access to substances crucial to practicing the medicine is a wise choice or not.  This author has successfully used both substances cited for years, including self-administration.  Both are powerful, key components in the formulas designed around them, and their qualities are absolutely unique in medicine.  And yet professionals have been denied their use here for sixteen years.


Use of these substances must be carefully administered and monitored by doctors of Oriental medicine trained in their use.  Rarely used singly, neither of these herbs are appropriate for prophylactic use.  Developing the immunity to avoid contracting COVID-19—or any other pathogen—is covered in Part I and Part II of 2019 Coronavirus, and the Pandemic Phenomenon.  Part III discusses formulas appropriate for prophylactic use, as well as formulas for early intervention.


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