A Valentine Appreciation


Although it happens quite a bit, one of the graces of the Sound Current that have received little attention on these pages is the privilege and delight of watching another’s flowering.  Through yet another grace, our own unfoldment is very often facilitated by observing someone else.  Observing and learning from their karma is a far more expedient way to acquire wisdom than creating the same for ourselves and then having to negotiate it for the jewel it contains!  A wise shortcut, when we can pull it off.  But we’re all tough cases, aren’t we?

It’s so much easier to observe unfoldment in another than in ourselves.  Projection, too, has its lower and higher manifestations and purpose.

So we begin to recognize the divinity of our worldly relationships and how they act as mirror reflections to us, via the Master’s grace—especially the intimate closeness of our mate, whose value far transcends good company and mere pleasure of the senses.

The current Living Master gives His chelas full freedom in all things, including whether the path is best walked in the company of a mate, or without one.  Many historical masters have, themselves, been married.  Worldly love is, after all, a reflection of the divine relationship.  A pale one, yes, but a valid reflection nonetheless.

In recent years, Sue is taking on the hue of her beloved orchids.  That was not always the case.  At one time, before we met, she owned over forty orchids—none of which she could get to bloom again after purchasing them.  After years of cultivation of devotion to the Master, she now finds herself surrounded by exquisitely blooming orchids, as well as other lovely plants radiating their joy in her presence.

I, too, am the happy and grateful recipient of this soul’s flowering as an open, selfless, caring, generous, and happy reflection of her loving master.  How blessed we are!

Soul lives through giving, and when it’s so thoroughly drenched in divine inflow, giving is all it can do.

Happy Valentine Season, everyone!


Sue at play in her greenhouse





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