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To those spiritual adepts who predated Lao Tse, and who were disciples of the Living Master of their time (an historical Master whose name we’ll never know) the focus of life and its ultimate destination were essentially identical to that of souls in that position today. And, as disciples of today’s Living Master know, such an influence includes, as a ‘side-effect’ of pursuing life’s true purpose and keeping our attention on Him, the unimaginable experience of having Him touch—and alter—every micro-nuance of our mortal life on this plane, even as we ascend beyond it.

And so it was that the remarkably complete and internally intact paradigm of Oriental medicine was gifted to those ancient disciples, millennia ago. That the principles of this medicine are equally effective today, and perhaps even more relevant than they were then, speaks of the nature of their origin.

Just as the reality of a Godman is unknown to humanity at large, the paradigm of Oriental medicine, birthed so long ago, is likewise unknown to us as a culture—the sudden plethora of acupuncturists in the West notwithstanding. Oriental medicine is much, much bigger than acupuncture. And, of course, true spirituality is so indescribably beyond religion or worship of the mind, that we’re unable to recognize the disparity. Until we meet the current Living Master.

All this is offered as an explanation of this writer’s own journey, which has included Oriental medicine, this website, and my own experience with the Master.

When I started this blog, sixteen years after beginning the practice of Oriental medicine, and thirteen years after the meeting that changed my life, I was still very much involved in the medicine. The original intention of this blog was encapsulated in the tag line:

Understanding What 21st Century Medicine Could Be

It took another six years, before the tag line appropriately shifted to this:

Now, in early 2019, the blog is finally taking on new form which will also replace the old, forlorn, outdated website, Future Medicine Now, which at this moment still exists in the internet ethers, like a dimly lit, abandoned planet.  Perhaps knowing all this will make this ongoing transfiguration more intelligible to both new and long-time readers.


As you can see by titles like Pernicious Anemia, a contemplation that appeared just before the current manifestation of this web presence, there will continue to be periodic visits to the blog’s initial focus.  After all, Oriental medicine is not something we simply turn our backs on because it’s been replaced by something unimaginably more absorbing. It has become, and will remain, an indelibly useful tool in optimizing this vehicle’s utility.  But, as you may suspect, the posts will inevitably reflect where the leading edge of my attention increasingly resides.

If this particular, newly birthed web presence bears any resemblance to the Light and Sound journey itself, it will continue to reveal itself until it realizes itself, at which point it will have transcended itself, and will take on its next higher form—which will eventually lack form entirely.  How glorious is the nature of the Divine!

Perhaps that direction will share an alignment with your own journey—perhaps not.  I enjoy having your company—past, present, or future. Whether I ever see or personally speak with you at all, it’s my hope that something of value here, sometime, has resonated with you.

Expect surprises!  I do.  Most contemplations are totally unanticipated.  And yet, not.





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