Time to Get Out
My Shiva Gun

To have been swept up in the events of late sixties San Francisco was a significant turning point for young people like myself. I spent a short period of that time taking a bus from the Mission district out to the edge of the Western world and a large hall on Ocean Beach. I believe it was a weekly ‘happening’ on Friday night, where a fellow named Steve Gaskin presided over a rapt group of what, at casual glance, would have been called ‘hippies’. Whatever that means.

I didn’t know what it meant then, and I don’t know now. But I now know with certainty that it was the most public epicenter of an unprecedented shift in consciousness the world witnessed in the twentieth century. And I gleefully waddled my naive way through it.

I believe nearly all participants of that shift—radiating from northern California to almost everywhere on the planet—whole-heartedly embraced what surrounded their lives in that moment. Yet no one really understood what was happening—even though it was deeply personal for each of us.

Life, at that point in time and space, was a bewildering psychic smorgasbord for this rube from Missouri. I have no recollection how I ended up at those meetings, and I only attended three or four consecutive events to hear Steve talk before he and most of his entourage packed up and left in a large caravan which eventually manifested as an intentional community known as The Farm in Tennessee. While I had never before experienced anything like the discourses Steve presented then—fascinating to my young ears—it became one of the first of a long string of exposures to presumably spiritual teachings, ideas, and paths which dogged my footsteps from San Francisco to Berkeley, from Berkeley to Seattle, to Victor and Jackson Hole, and finally to Santa Fe. None of these engaged my attention beyond mere curiosity. I simply kept walking until I met the Living Master of the Light and Sound teachings, at which point I soon found myself beginning to fly—beyond the physical and psychic.

One impression from those few evenings listening to Steve, though, has stuck with me these fifty some years, because it truly is a simple, easily understood metaphor for an exceedingly common and perilous phenomenon encountered by anyone seeking truth. He described it—and I’m wildly paraphrasing here, since Steve’s level of discussion certainly had nothing to do with ascension into pure consciousness or the attainment of Self- and God-Realization—as having ‘a hole in one’s bucket’, wherein one’s acquired knowledge, accumulated gifts, grace, and spiritual treasures continually leak out, and are lost from the hard won arsenal of love required to attain our spiritual destination. Who’s responsible for this? Our very own mind/ego, of course! We are responsible.

This contemplation is coming through now in concert with a clear intent of plugging a major hole in my own bucket: the content of this website. The Master has taught us since day one the primary principle of not sharing the treasures He graces us with. If we choose to do so—and it is our own choice whether or not to exercise this wisdom—we will eventually come to see the error of our ways and the inevitable destination of that trajectory: spiritual poverty. This morning I reached that point. Not quite spiritual poverty, but the huge blunder I’ve been sustaining.

I have spoken about this phenomenon previously on these pages, but I just couldn’t help ‘myself’. How could something that gets me so high when it comes through, most often unbidden and laden with love, be something not to be shared?! Well, I guess I should have asked the Master, since the entity who took these treasures and ran with them—spiritual ego—sure as hell is not going to tell me. And the Master already has—repeatedly.

So today I’m launching on the task of being shown what this website should now look like, given that I’ve finally taken these blinders off. Or if it should continue its existence at all. Oh, this journal of priceless treasures will certainly continue to exist—and expand—but only in private, for its intended recipient alone.

The question then, becomes what, if anything, do I have to share with readers? At this moment, this is an unknown. But I cannot tell you the weight that has been lifted by this decision. The Master is fully behind exercising the wisdom of plugging the holes in our ‘bucket’, although He’d state that quite a bit more eloquently. And plugging a huge one like this will manifest desired results immediately.

Sue just stepped in and announced that she has finished facilitating this process for me by preparing my developer’s site for the task. Once the direction of an initial concept is acquired, I’ll do the work there, and when satisfied, will replace the current website. Here we go.




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