Unwrapping the Gift

In the dual worlds we repeatedly inhabit, all things inherently have a beginning and must, therefore, have an end. Ancient Wisdom Series, as its readers have come to know it, has been turned inward to now function as a more unrestrained repository of wealth unknown in the outer world—all the teachings, gifts, insights, nudges, dreams, and revelations solely meant to assist, inspire, nurture, direct, construct, and destroy in the quest for soul’s Self- and Godhood.

This single page manifesto is the only offering in the ‘series’ left to public view.

All experience is ultimately for the benefit of our own unfoldment, regardless of initial impressions. Having merely intellectually understood this for these years has served only a lesser master—a far cry from realizing it. As the internal path steepens, it becomes wide enough for only one to travel, but this principle’s reality has not been fully appreciated by this writer. Only one choice remains for me.

No apologies, no regrets—only the breathtaking is-ness of the moment.

All the considerable energy once embodied within such dual and suddenly outdated creations doesn’t just ‘perish into the past’—if or when we’re finally graced to outcreate them. To the contrary, it serves as a springboard for further ascension of the experiencer into our next, higher creation—on and on and on. It’s our half of how we get home.

So my original intention in this endeavor has been revealed to be a now-more-than-ever instructive, twelve year byway drifting away from my intended trajectory, yet bringing me precisely to this point. In order to adjust this tangent back to the Camino Real, these contemplations and so much more from the Absolute’s infinite well now enjoy more fully the respect they deserve from their intended recipient—by being treasured exclusively within the sanctity of one’s own consciousness. No more appropriate action could have been taken at this juncture.

“Isn’t this viewpoint a little selfish, Larry?”, a voice asks.

Well, yes, that is a way of looking at it.

And no. In explaining the true nature of the cosmos, a Living Master informs His students that the dualistic overlord of these lower worlds intends that we see it in that light—and that we should simultaneously associate guilt and shame with this false concept as well!—keeping soul eternally entrapped in this and countless other illusive ways like it, on his diabolical wheel for so long that it passes for truth... almost.

Soul lives by giving, never by taking. Isn’t it miraculous then, that this choice now brings with it endless discovery of live-wire opportunities to more purely outflow in ways the Inner Master reveals, as It simultaneously floods the student with more truth than one can—or is intended to—contain?

One of the many irresistible attributes of Shabda—the ineffable Voice of God, the Word, the Audible Life Stream, Music of the Spheres—is that Its relentless, single-pointed motive of awakening and liberating soul, while simultaneously purifying the lower bodies, is so thoroughly laden with divine love and bliss that each and every surrender into Its heart manifests blinding perfection in everything, and therefore every one It touches.

Being unable to perceive such perfection has no bearing on Its Presence.


If your own inner spirit perceives, in a nanosecond flash of awareness, an inquisitive curiosity at the prospect of further enlivening one’s own experience beyond the worlds of duality, perhaps now is the time to honor one’s truest self—a choice wherein no one loses.

Living truth—not knowledge, not intellect, not conjecture—is received only from its source.